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Summary of “Raksha Bandhan 2023: Date, shubh muhurat, history, significance, and celebration”:

1. Date and Auspicious Timing:

raksha bandhan 2023, This year, Raksha Bandhan falls on August 30 and 31. The reason for these two dates is Bhadra Kaal, during which Raksha Bandhan rituals should be avoided. Therefore, you can tie Rakhi on these two dates. The end time of Raksha Bandhan Bhadra Kaal is 9:01 p.m. on August 30. Thus, rituals can be performed from this time. The Raksha Bandhan Bhadra Poonch will be from 5:30 pm to 6:31 pm on August 30, and the Raksha Bandhan Bhadra Mukha will begin at 6:31 pm and end at 8:11 pm on August 30. The Poornima Tithi (Full Moon) starts on August 30 at 10:58 a.m. and ends on August 31 at 7:05 a.m.

2. History and Significance:

Raksha Bandhan holds great significance for Hindus. One of its legends comes from the epic Mahabharata. According to mythology, Lord Krishna cut his finger on the Sudarshan Chakra. Draupadi tore a piece of her saree and tied it to the injury to stop the bleeding. Lord Krishna promised to protect her forever. He fulfilled this promise when Draupadi faced humiliation in Hastinapur’s court. Rakhi has gained symbolic importance, emphasizing the bond between siblings.

3. Celebrations:

Raksha Bandhan is celebrated with enthusiasm across the country. Sisters perform aarti for their brothers, apply tilak on their foreheads, tie a Rakhi on their wrists, offer sweets, and exchange gifts. In return, the brothers promise to protect and cherish their sisters. Nowadays, siblings also tie Rakhis to each other’s wrists symbolizing their special bond.

4. Shared Information:

If you and your siblings are celebrating the festival, you should have all the information about it. Scroll through to learn about Raksha Bandhan’s 2023 date, auspicious timing, history, significance, and celebrations.

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