trunk of Lord Ganesha, also known as “moodi hui soond”

The trunk of Lord Ganesha is curved., whether turned to the right or left, which holds significant symbolism in Hindu mythology and spiritual beliefs.

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trunk of Lord Ganesha

1. Right-Turned Trunk (Dakshinavarti):

When Lord Ganesha’s trunk is curved towards the right (clockwise direction), it is referred to as “Dakshinavarti.” This form of Ganesha is believed to be Siddhi Vinayaka. Siddhi Vinayaka is associated with achievements, accomplishments, and spiritual progress. Devotees worship this form for success in their endeavors, education, business, and overall prosperity. It is also thought that just a glimpse of Siddhi Vinayaka can bring positive results.

2. Left-Turned Trunk (Vamavarti):

When Lord Ganesha’s trunk is curved towards the left (counterclockwise direction), it is known as “Vamavarti.” This form of Ganesha is called Vighnavinashaka, which means “the remover of obstacles.” Vamavarti Ganesha is associated with removing hurdles, difficulties, and troubles in one’s life. Worshiping this form is believed to bring harmony, peace, and family well-being. It is common to place an image of Vamavarti Ganesha on the main entrance door of homes as it is considered auspicious and protective.

3. Vakratunda:

Lord Ganesha is also known as “Vakratunda,” which means “the one with a curved trunk.” The word “Vakratunda” represents the power of the awakened kundalini, the inner spiritual energy. The curved trunk symbolizes flexibility and adaptability, qualities that are essential for navigating life’s challenges and uncertainties.

In summary, the direction in which Lord Ganesha’s trunk is curved carries specific symbolism:

  • Right-Turned Trunk (Dakshinavarti): Associated with success, accomplishments, and spiritual growth.
    – Left-Turned Trunk (Vamavarti): Known for removing obstacles, bringing harmony, and ensuring family well-being.
    – Vakratunda (Curved Trunk): Symbolizes flexibility and adaptability, necessary traits for overcoming life’s challenges.

jai Ganesha in hindiGanesh chaturthi ki hardik shubhkamnaye in hindi

People choose to worship the form of Lord Ganesha that aligns with their specific needs and aspirations, whether it’s for success, obstacle removal, or spiritual awakening.
The verse you provided appears to be in Hindi and seems to be related to a prayer or song dedicated to Lord Ganesha.

It expresses the sentiment that today, in the presence of loved ones and Lord Ganesha, there are three witnesses to something significant and that Lord Ganesha will take care of everything.

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